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Sworn Translations (certified translations, legalised translations)

So called "sworn translations", "certified translations" or "legalised translations" in the following languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Danish, Croatian and Greek.
we can deliver brief certified translations (birth and marriage certificates, criminal record and company register certificates, brief contracts, powers of attorney or other legal translations, etc.) of up to 3 pages to and from English, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian by the next day without any extra express charge
prices (click to open price list) for sworn translations comprise the standard translation price for the number of SP (standard pages), plus an extra charge per SP for sworn translations, which comes to 110 CZK. Thus you can acquire certified translations here at our offices at Ohradní 65, Prague 4 in the most common languages at the reasonable price of 390 CZK/SP, including legal certification of the translation.


The physical document you deliver for legalised translation becomes a component of the sworn bound translation upon translation, and the final translation is bound to the document using a notarial seal. This bound translation is submitted for the purposes it is required for as the whole sworn translation, and the document submitted cannot be removed or separated from the bound translation without rendering the sworn translation invalid. If you do not want to lose the original document you submit to us for certified translation (birth certificate, diploma, marriage certificate, etc.) we recommend you secure a certified copy of it prior to ordering a sworn translation (from a notary, at a post office, at a council office), and submit this for translation, keeping the original yourself! If the document has an apostille, however, the original is almost always used to produce the certified translation, not a certified copy.

Drop by our office during working hours at Ohradní 65, Prague 4 with an original or certified copy of your document, and come back at an agreed time for the completed sworn translation. Payment can be made in cash when picking up the translation, or upon prior agreement by bank transfer before picking it up. We do not currently accept payments by credit or debit card.

If you don’t need to submit the sworn translation in paper form (you will be sending the translation to the relevant place – school, embassy, etc. – by electronic means only), you can send us a high-quality scan of your document by e-mail, and once completed we will send you a scan of the complete sworn translation back by e-mail. This saves you two journeys to our office. We will keep the paper bound translation produced when completing the translation so you can pick it up in future, or upon request we can shred it. A typical example for this service would be a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate which, e.g., the Canadian embassy will accept in electronic form, or various supplier certificates where perhaps the original no longer exists in paper form, and the sworn translation is produced using a printout of a PDF file.

Need a sworn translation, and a long distance away from us? No problem: send us your documents (certified notarised copies) for translation by post (to our office at Ohradní 65, Praha 4)! We will send the completed sworn translations back to the address you give us. Payment can be made by bank transfer before we send the translation, or by cash-on-delivery. For sworn translations sent by recommended delivery, we charge postage and packing at 80 CZK to anywhere in the Czech Republic. If you want to receive the sworn translation with cash-on-delivery, we charge a total charge of 100 CZK to anywhere in the Czech Republic.


The sworn translations meet the conditions for submitting documents for official purposes, but they also ensure that, e.g., the translation of a business contract or other legally binding document is in direct accordance with the original, eliminating damage which might arise as the result of an imprecise translation.

Sworn translations, also often referred to as “court-certified translations”, “translations with certification”, “official translations”, or just “certified translations” are translations produced by a sworn translator designed for the needs of courts, government authorities, state institutions, companies in the course of business, and also citizens in proving various facts contained within documents written in a foreign language in the Czech Republic or in Czech in other countries. Sworn translators are appointed by a relevant court in accordance with Act no. 36/1967 Coll. on Experts and Interpreters, and Ministry of Justice Decree no. 37/1967 on implementing the Act on Experts and Interpreters. Sworn translators are sworn to secrecy regarding facts they ascertain when doing official translations or interpreting.

The sworn translation always comprises both the original document in its original language (or a notarised copy of it) alongside the actual translation and the sworn translator’s declaration, which is affixed with a round legal stamp affirming that the official translation is in direct accordance with the original (or its notarised copy). This official sworn translation set of documents is then bound together and sealed by notarial method (seal and cord).

A sworn translation can be produced for any type of original document or its certified copy, and also from a printout, e.g., of a PDF file, if there is no original in paper form.

Certified translations are most commonly produced for the document types given below.
Listed are the approximate standard prices for translations from/to English, German, Russian, French, Spanish for the document, although this will depend on the number of certification and other stamps, etc.. We always calculate the size in exact accordance with the number of characters in the completed text.

birth certificates
390 CZK
diplomas (no attachments)
390 CZK
academic reports
590 CZK
trade licences
390 CZK
marriage certificates
390 CZK
criminal record certificates
390 CZK
death certificates
390 CZK
study confirmation certificates
390 CZK


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