Motto: The purpose of our work is not just delivering translation services. We want to provide our clients with solutions which will be useful for them. Our translation agency is known for its flexibility and attention to clients' needs. We bring all projects to a successful conclusion, keep our promises, and stay true to our word. We do our jobs so that we can be proud of them.
Leave the care of your translations to us!
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Our certificates:

Our translation agency can assure you of:

quality – we respect the ČSN EN 15038 standard of translation services and are certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2001 standard
favourable prices – translations from and into common languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian) for a price not “from” but for 280 CZK/SP, including xls and ppt files
an individual approach, flexibility and short delivery terms (even for sworn translations from and into German and English)
bulk discounts for our long-term clients
invoicing without VAT possible

Dear business partners and customers,

Welcome to the EKO PŘEKLADY s.r.o. translation agency website.

We’ve been providing professional Czech translation services since 2002, now in 20 languages, plus proofreading and other services in core world languages. Since we began, over 6 000 clients have used our services, aware that we stand by our word and are committed to quality.

We’re based at the northern edge of Prague 4 near the city centre, with great transport connections and convenient free parking at our company car park, with a free space always available for you.

We hold the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 (TÜV) quality management system certificate for our translation services.

Whether you’re an employee, an entrepreneur or just a private citizen and you need a translation or proofreading, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of ordering a job and its reliable delivery without unnecessary paperwork and without any of the confusion or complexities you might see elsewhere.

Physical distance plays an increasingly smaller role in the internet age, so even if we don’t ever meet in person, you can make use of our translation agency services to your full satisfaction, something many foreign clients do.

8 reasons to choose us


We offer reasonable and transparent translation prices – such as translations to Slovak for just 190 CZK/SP, translations from and to common world languages not “from” but for 280 CZK/SP, or 390 CZK/SP for sworn translations.


We deliver translations of up to 3 SP within 24 hours at no extra charge.


We don’t charge extra for translation complexity, nor for translations of excel (xls) or powerpoint (ppt) files. We convert pdf files free of charge into Word, and deliver the translation with formatting set as close as possible to the original.


We guarantee the quality of our translation services through sophisticated selection of translators in accordance with the specific genre of the translation, and also through a certified quality management system (ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016) and two-stage quality control.


We entrust your jobs only to professional and proven translators. We’ll generally give legal translations exclusively to certified sworn translators, even where these are not sworn translations.


We tailor our language and translation services and delivery dates to your needs.


The obligation of tradition – We’ve been amongst the most successful translation agencies on the market since 2002.


If it’s within our powers, we endeavour to meet even non-standard requirements in terms of format, translation and delivery time.

We offer the following services to you, our current and potential clients:

Translation services

general and specialised translations in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek and Vietnamese
court-certified translations (so-called sworn translations, or official translations) of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish and Danish (sworn translations – Prague 4 – Michle office)
specialised translations from and into English – environment, ecology, EIA, etc.
legal translations
safety data sheet and ISO documentation translations
localisation (translation) of web presentations and software
fast translation of short texts (if you need to translate Czech to English and vice versa within 2, 4 or 6 hours
we are continuously expanding our range of translation services in terms of number of languages and specialisations

Other services

proofreading texts – checking and correcting grammar and spelling, stylistic correction
consecutive interpreting
transcription and translation of audio and visual recordings
transcripts of text into electronic form

Most popular services

czech to english translation services, english to czech translations, translations into German, translations from German, translations into Slovak, translations from Polish, translations into Polish, translations from Russian and translations from Ukrainian
proofreading – English, Czech, Slovak

Order your translation or proofreading job using our online form or e-mail now!


We’re happy to answer any queries you have