Motto: The purpose of our work is not just delivering translation services. We want to provide our clients with solutions which will be useful for them. Our translation agency is known for its flexibility and attention to clients' needs. We bring all projects to a successful conclusion, keep our promises, and stay true to our word. We do our jobs so that we can be proud of them.


What format can I use to submit my job?
The most common source formats used are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader (PDF) files, or scanned documents in JPG or another common graphics file format.

What is the target format of my job?
The standard target format can again be a MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint file, and we always keep to the source format. Upon agreement, we can also supply your job in a different target format.

What languages do you translate into?
We most commonly translate to/from the following languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian and other European languages. On request, we are also able to secure translations into less common languages such as Baltic languages, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, and also direct translations between other world languages.

How is the price of my job determined?
When we receive your job and before accepting it, we will prepare a rough estimate. You can then decide on this basis whether to give us your job.

How is the price for my translation or proofreading calculated, and what are standard pages (SP)?
The final price for your job is calculated based on the size of the target text in numbers of standard pages (SP), where one standard page equals 1800 characters – 30 rows of 60 characters including spaces. The smallest unit charged for a translation or proofreading job is 1 SP. You can work out the number of SP yourself within the MS Word program as follows: “Tools” > “Word Count” then divide the “Characters (with spaces)” value by 1800. We calculate the number of standard pages from the target text, i.e., from the text which the translator or proofreader has translated or corrected. We are happy, however, to offer you a fixed price in advance for our services if this is required.

When will I receive my translation or proofread text back?
For standard delivery, a translator can do approx. 6 – 8 SP per day, depending on the difficulty of the text, or approx. 10 SP for proofreading. Please allow sufficient time to ensure the result is of high quality.

Do I need to pay an extra charge for specialised text?
We commonly translate various specialised texts without any extra charge. For any complicated academic or historical texts, we will always determine any extra charge after prior agreement with the customer.

Will I need to get my translation proofread as well?
The high quality of our translators’ work and thorough checks mean that most of our translations do not need to be proofread. However, we recommend that texts which are to go to press or presented to the public should be proofread or pre-checked for publication. Websites are translated by highly skilled native speakers, and their translations are generally entirely appropriate for standard websites.

When do I need to order a sworn translation?
Sworn translations are required for official purposes. Typical examples would be documents for government institutions, registry offices, banks, schools and courts, or company documents for official acts and legal cases, various certificates, documents for police authorities, and also criminal record check certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney and birth certificates.

How do I submit my request or job, and how do I get the completed job back?
We accept jobs and send completed jobs by e-mail, post or courier. You can also submit jobs quickly and conveniently using our online order form.
If you request a job by e-mail, please include the following information:
1. the language you want it to be translated into
2. the time by which you need it translated
3. if you also want it proofread, or the intended use of the translation
4. method of payment
5. and finally don’t forget to attach the document for translation

When will I get a reply?
We always endeavour to answer you as soon as possible, or within approx. 60 minutes at the latest (during working hours). If you do not hear from us within this time, then please call us: it is possible that we have not received your e-mail for some reason (anti-spam software, e-mail server crash, etc.) and you would be waiting for a response in vain.

Do I need to pay for the completed job as soon as I receive it?
No. You can pay for the job by bank transfer, or in cash. Upon completion and submission of your translation or proofread document, we will also send you an invoice with a 14-day due date. For orders with an anticipated cost of over 10 000 CZK, we request a down payment of approx. 50 % of the anticipated job price for new customers, to be paid as soon as possible once work has begun on the job.

Do you accept credit card payments?
We are not currently able to accept credit card payments.

Can you give me a discount?
We reserve the right to provide a discount on an individual basis only, in particular in the following cases:
– a larger job size (over 50 SP) and also a later delivery date (over 14 days),
– for long-term projects,
– discounts on the basis of a signed contract for a certain regular volume of translations.

Will you charge me an extra fee for express translations?
Not generally. We can translate small jobs of up to approx. 3 SP in common languages within approx. 24 h without any extra charge. For translations or proofreading which require the translator or proofreader to work at night, at weekends or on public holidays considering the due delivery time, we will determine an extra express charge when calculating the estimated translation cost on the basis of its size and requested delivery date.

Do you translate manuals and user instructions while keeping the graphics in?
Yes: we always endeavour to keep the translation graphics exactly according to the original file. For MS Office files, this is not an issue, and for PDF files we transfer the document to Word and do the translation such that the result is as close as possible to the original. For high-quality PDF files, the result is often indistinguishable from the original, and these documents can be used, e.g., for the direct in-house printing of company manuals for retail sales, etc. This saves you graphics and DTP costs, since their work is already included in the price of the translation. Upon request, we would be happy to send you an example of the outcome.

Can you translate my website too? And to what quality?
We only assign website translations to our most skilled native speakers. Thus the quality of translation is usually entirely sufficient for standard websites even without additional proofreading, saving you money. Please send texts for translation either copied into MS Word, or as a website export in Word or Excel, something your webmaster should be able to do.

How skilled are the translators and proofreaders you work with? Aren’t they cheap amateurs or students?
Evidenced by the fact we are ISO 9001:2016 certified, we only make use of skilled and experienced professional translators with years of practice, who undergo a rigorous recruitment procedure prior to working with us. For most of them, translation is their main source of income, and they have been doing it full-time for many years. They are the guarantee of the quality of our services.

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